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Preventative measures: Controlling the spread of COVID-19

The Canadian government has implemented preventative measures to control the spread of COVID-19. However, these measures differ from one province to another. As we have sports facilities (Decadiums) in three provinces, we wanted to provide a clear indication of which measures are in place in each province:


    Since September 1, 2021, people wishing to practice certain recreation and sports have to present their VACCINATION PASSPORT. For information on all the places and activities included, see the Places and Activities requiring the COVID-19 Vaccination Passport page.


  • Amateur sports and recreational activities, including guided lessons and training, are permitted in outdoor public places for groups of no more than 25 individuals from different households, including officials, employees and volunteers.


  • Amateur sports and recreation activities, including classes and guided workouts, are allowed in public spaces for groups of not more than 50 people, excluding officials, staff, and volunteers.

=> Decadiums affected: Brossard Decathlon, Boisbriand Decathlon, Eaton Centre Decathlon, Laval Decathlon, Ste Foy Decathlon More info here:


  • The Ontario government has imposed as of September 22, 2021, certain businesses and activities require the COVID-19 vaccination passport.
  • The vaccination passport is now required for all persons 12 years of age and older participating in all indoor sports or physical activities. We ask that all participants show proof of the two dose vaccination by downloading the passport.

=> Decadiums affected: Ottawa Decathlon, Burlington Decathlon, Vaughan Decathlon More info here:


  • Participants and officials in organized performing arts and sports (recreational, amateur and professional) can gather with up to 25 people indoors and up to 50 people outdoors without social distancing for rehearsals, performances, practices, games and league play.
  • Masks are recommended when you can’t maintain a minimum physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from others.

=> Decadium affected: Dartmouth Decadium More info here:


If you have already paid for a class and it has been canceled, you will receive a full refund for your payment in 10 business days.

Please contact us at: if you have any questions.

Take care of yourselves. This is a team effort - we’re in it together!

The Decathlon Activities team and Decathlon Canada18