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Parent & Child Soccer Indoor - 2 yrs - 3 yrs



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105 $


Tous les jeudis à 23 h 15
Du 18 novembre 2021 au 16 décembre 2021
5 activités au total
  • 18 novembre 2021, 23 h 15 UTC
  • 25 novembre 2021, 23 h 15 UTC
  • 2 décembre 2021, 23 h 15 UTC
  • 9 décembre 2021, 23 h 15 UTC
  • 16 décembre 2021, 23 h 15 UTC


Sportball soccer programs begin when children are 2 years old and continue until they are ready to enter leagues. Classes are packed with high-energy fun, using imaginative coaching techniques and a continuous flow of drills and games to keep things rolling along. Kids are challenged to develop and improve skills such as passing, throw-ins, dribbling and goalie skills, without being discouraged by the demands of competition or differing levels of natural ability. We introduce the simple rules of fair play and the ethics of sport so that kids can have fun and feel safe while they learn to play soccer.

On check-out, a supply fee will be charged for a soccer ball. This will be distributed at your child's program. If you have previously purchased these items in 2021 you will NOT have to re-purchase them again. Please bring indoor shoes and a water bottle.
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105 $
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40 min
Decadium Calgary

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